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Same Day Local Ring Video Doorbells & Wireless Alarm Installation

Introducing Ring, the ultimate guardian of your home! Arm yourself with Ring video doorbells and security cameras and surround your castle with a wall of safety. Keep a watchful eye over your entire property from wherever you are, be it your phone, tablet or PC. With Ring, you receive instant mobile alerts as soon as any movement is detected on your premises. Answer the alert and say hello to your visitor, no matter where you are! Thanks to Ring, you’ll be the master of your security and will always have a finger on the pulse of your smart home security. Because with Ring, you’re empowered, you’re in control, and you’re always home.

RIng Doorbell camera’s have been around since 2012 and over that time the technology has improved on each version but he actual outer casing remains the same this is to help people instantly know that it’s a Ring doorbell.

Video Doorbells

Watch over your home and answer the door from anywhere with Ring video doorbells. With multiple power options, Ring has a video doorbell for every home.

Spotlight Cam

Add security anywhere you need it with spotlight cams. Featuring HD video, two-way talk, lights and sirens, you can monitor your property from anywhere.

Floodlight Cam

See security in a whole new light. Protect your property with the first motion-activated HD camera with two-way talk, built-in floodlights and a siren.

Ring Accessories

From solar chargers and doorbell chimes to battery packs and more, our lineup of custom accessories lets you get the most out of your ring of security.



Do you have questions about Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) digital radio? Here are some of the most common FAQs that people have about this revolutionary technology.

What is DAB digital radio?

Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) is a type of digital radio technology which transmits audio in a compressed, digital format over the airwaves. This allows for higher fidelity sound and can be received by any device with a compatible receiver.

How does DAB digital radio work?

DAB works by sending out a dedicated signal using special receivers that convert it into an audio stream which can be heard through any device with an appropriate receiver. The reception quality of DAB signals depends on your location, so it’s best to check with your local service providers to see what kind of coverage they provide.

Is DAB digital radio available in my area?

Most major cities around the world now have access to DAB signals, though there may be gaps in rural areas or other places where coverage is patchy or non-existent. If you’re unsure whether your area is serviced by DAB digital radio, contact your local service provider for more information.

Are there any advantages to using DAB compared to standard FM/AM radios?

Yes – one key difference between traditional FM/AM radios and Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) is that the latter offers superior sound quality due to its compression algorithms which allow for more efficient transmission of signals across long distances without losing fidelity. Additionally, as all content is broadcast digitally, you don’t need to worry about interference from other signals such as those produced by cars or other nearby objects.

What devices can I use to receive Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) signals?

Most modern car stereos, mobile phones, and home entertainment systems come with built-in receivers that are capable of receiving Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) signals – but it’s always best to double-check before buying anything! Additionally, many companies also manufacture dedicated devices such as portable radios and music players specifically designed for use with DAB technology.

What Our Clients Say

I recently had my digital aerial installed by the team at Absolute Digital Services in Abram and it couldn't have gone better! They were punctual, and professional and really made sure that everything was done right. Highly recommend!

Joe SmithAbram

Just had a new digital aerial installed by Absolute Digital Services in Astley and I'm totally pleased with the results! The technicians were friendly and knowledgeable, giving detailed explanations throughout the process. Can definitely recommend them!

Anna JonesAstley

My experience with Absolute Digital Services' digital aerial installation team in Atherton was fantastic! They explained every step of the way, and within no time I had a crystal clear reception. Highly recommend!

Sarah TaylorAtherton

Had an awesome experience getting my new TV aerial installed by Absolute Digital Services in Belmont – their team was efficient, helpful and really seemed to know what they were doing. Couldn't be happier.

Stuart BrownBelmont

The staff over at Absolute Digital Services in Bickershaw did an amazing job installing my new antenna – they answered all of my questions thoroughly and were very professional throughout the entire process. Would definitely use them again!

Mark WilliamsBickershaw

Absolutely thrilled to have chosen Absolute Digital Services for my digital aerial installation in Blackrod – the reception is great, and the whole installation process was fast, reliable and affordable. Great bunch of people!

Rebecca DaviesBlackrod

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